Who is playing is not annoying


In these objects I join two principles.  One of them is traditional embroidery which is associated with heritage of our mothers. The other principle is the crossing borders into erotic, ironic pictures
and also the shape of the objects refers to male sex organ.
We can find here two motifs. One of them is the embroidery with traditional theme
depicting couple of figures symbolizing people of different sexual orientation.
The next motif is the object of my sexual orientation and that is a man, or just his naked body
together with typical Slovak male name.
The embroidery is meant to be the language of feminism and gender. It is an instrument of expression of male-female principle.
Objects refers to erotic tools. They have shared basic staring form resembling simplified shape of male sex organ.
The shape itself was created on the plaster wheel, the mold of primal shape was made.
Then the castings were made. On the surface of these objects I applied embroideries and made
the final molds used for casting porcelain. The glaze was used in various creative ways.